Saturday, February 20, 2010

Late Winter Gardening

I had a hard time saying, "late winter."  Isn't it spring?

In this post I'll show you around the yard and tell you about my latest gardening projects.  One friend actually asked me to do this, and I enjoy doing it for the record.  I won't be offended if the rest of you don't make it to the end of the post :-)

I was able to cross a lot of plants off my wish list last fall!  I finally planted a huge amount of bulbs.  Coming up here amongst the pansies are peony tulips and white flowering allium.

Pansies and Narcissus Dutch Master
I have an area at the end of a bed that doesn't get enough water, and today I planted it full of succulents.  
I never really liked the look of succulents (too desert-like, I thought), but last summer I ate outside at Meriwether's in Northwest Portland and sat right next to a pot full of a beautiful mix of them.  I wish I had taken a picture.  Anyway, now I love them, and I'm excited to watch this area fill in.
These may not be beautiful to you, but nothing is more exciting in the early spring to see sweet peas popping up their little heads!  It's not too late to plant some, but the sooner the better.
This is a new green I'm trying.  It's not too early to plant lettuces, spinach, peas and carrots!
Did you know that you can take sprouting organic potatoes and put them straight into the dirt?  It's a little early, but I'm counting on not getting any more super hard freezes.  Click here for more information about growing potatoes and sweet potatoes.  Scroll down a bit to "Potato Cultivation."
Whenever the kids help me garden they get to put their name on it!  Abby and Ryan helped me start some plants from seed.  They are in the shop right now under full spectrum florescent bulbs.  They must be set on a timer to have at least 6 hours off each night.
These are Ryan's Lobelia:
I forgot to have the kids water them when I went to CA and they dried out, but managed to survive!  I'm most excited to see if the petunia seeds I saved from last year will germinate.

This anemone has long been on my wish list...  I first saw it at Elk Rock/Bishop's Close.  I love early spring bloomers!
My favorite tree - a magnolia.  I call it "The Hope of Spring" as I stare at the buds all winter long.  I can see it from my bed.  Love this tree!!!
Happy Gardening to all!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Worth Reading

From Don Miller's blog.  I especially loved the second part beginning with:

"So two questions I’m asking myself these days are what is my field to plow, and am I plowing it?"

Click Here to link to Don's blog.