Monday, February 7, 2011

"Trader Joe's" Garden

I know this doesn't look like much.

But it's filled with hope!

This garden bed is used for veggies in the summer, but is also home to all kinds of bulbs, most of them purchased at Trader Joe's in springs past.  You know, cute little 4 inch pots of daffodils, tulips and hyacinths.  Always a great deal at TJ's.  You can pop them into a pretty container and enjoy them for a week or two.  But after they're done blooming, you can also save them, because they will come back every year!

As the flower buds get larger and closer to opening, I dig them up, stick them in a pot, and bring them in the house to enjoy.  I've also experimented with burying spent bulbs in the plastic pot, digging it up again a year later, wiping it down, and placing it inside a decorative container.  It's worked, but as the years go by, they will probably not thrive without more room to multiply.

This little pot is on year two - just pulled it out of the ground yesterday.
And just in case you were wondering, my desk is STILL clean! :)
And on an unrelated note, here's a close up of the card leaning against the "flowers" box.
I love my new bird and nest stickers!  For the "Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed" Bible study I'm doing we have had lots of opportunities to write down verses for meditation and to pray for our families.  I love God's Word, but my flesh is weak, and having them on cute sticker-ed notecards makes me more likely to memorize and pray them!