Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dinner Hour

Homemade stock, free-range meat, and organic vegetables... I think I'm taking good care of my family, but if I forget to serve it, I guess it doesn't do much good.

It's pretty sad when my two-year-old has to bring me his plate and a spoon (while I'm sitting at my computer, I must admit) to remind me that he hasn't eaten. It was one of those nights... people heading out to basketball and church, others coming and going from our home, and quite a scene of costumed children (having so much fun that I didn't want to interrupt their play just to eat). Before I knew it it was 8 p.m. and half the family hadn't eaten dinner... until Bode made his point with dishes in hand.

The good thing is he was really hungry! He ate a lot better than he does at 5:30.


Vicki said...

Hi Heather,

This is a great site. now I can keep up with you and the grandkids. Thank you.

Bodie has changed so much. I can't wait to see him.

Love you, Vicki

Jo said...

Heather, I looked at the picture of you and Dan with your lovely children and marveled at what God has done with you and how he has blessed you. And I remember you as a little girl and wonder at the passing years and anticipate your future.
I love the title... I WILL joy. It's a choice.

NHS Yellow School said...

What a beautiful family! Don't know how you do it!? Of course, I do... Praise God for whom all blessings flow. Can't wait to see the new pool- is it heated?

Love ya!

emily said...

Welcome to the bloggy world! Yes, you should adopt, just my opinion:)

Dawnelle said...

I can't believe you have time to blog OR make homemade stock! You always amaze me. Fun blog- love your title/header!

angie said...

Heather! This is great! I love the graphics you used. I will put you in my "links", so I'll be checking your blog out regularly. So, you'd better keep "blogging!"
Love, ang

Nadia said...

Yay Heather! Blogging was made for you, I'm glad you have finally arrived! I can COMPLETELY understand how you forgot to feed Bode...at least you know he won't go hungry cause he knows how to fend for himself! If you want any help figuring things out with your blog I can help you tomorrow, but it actually looks like you are well on your way! Go Heather!