Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blogs for a Cause

Do you like the re-do on my blog?  I sure do, and what I like best is that the $30 it cost me is being donated to charity.  Thank you, Nikki!  (see her button on the left)

Of the $30, $25 goes to support Nikki's humanitarian work.  She is a 20 year old Canadian, and in her last year of college.  She sponsors four children in Africa and Haiti, and has gone to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Ethiopia to work in orphanages, malnutrition clinics, schools, etc. This coming May she will go to India.

The other $5 goes to a monthly charity.  This month's charity is Heartline Ministries in Haiti, which has an orphanage and women's program, that "endeavors to be the hands of Christ in Haiti."

I needed a re-do so my blog would match (and not clash with :-/) the Botanical Interests button that links to the fundraiser to benefit Open Arms International .  Please spread the word to your gardening friends!  It's time to start planning for spring!


Nadia said...

I love it! What a good person to support.

Nikki said...

You are very welcome :) Glad you like it!

Dawnelle said...

Keep posting about your plantings if you can, I'd like to follow along to some extent (in a mini-version w/ my backyard). What do you have planned next?

T & T Livesay said...

YAY! Heartline Ministries thanks you!