Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crazy Fair Trade Day

Today was a serious test of my new commitment to buy only fair trade. 

As a community group we have adopted some families who are hurting for the very basic needs.  Our part was to do pajamas, maybe a few sweatshirts.  I wasn't too worried;  I knew I could find something online that was fair trade.  But then I got an email that everything needed to be turned in by this weekend!  I looked around a little this week, but didn't have much time.  Today had to be the day.

I was headed out to Sherwood for a birthday party at Safari Sam's.  My plan was to drop off the boys then hit a consignment store.  Which I hoped existed but I hadn't found anything on my google search.  So I called my friends at Sweetest Thing Cupcakes and got the name of Pitter Patter in Newburg.  Yea!  

But then I got a phone call from Courtney.  She needed 5 Christmas presents for a gift exchange.  Tonight.  Okay.  I can do this.  God, I pray I can do this.

Pitter Patter was a great success.  I pulled every quality item I could find in each of the two kids' sizes:  jeans, pajamas, shirts, sweatshirts, mittens, hats, scarves.  It was a load.  And the price?  Less than taking the family out to dinner.  I think I like this thrifting!

Then a quick cup of coffee and yummy gluten-free cupcake with Ann at Sweetest Thing (it WAS on the way back to Safar Sam's).  And supporting local businesses, double yay.

Got the boys and headed to the new Finegan's Toy Store at Bridgeport.  I wanted to have at least one brand new shiny toy for these kids.  But EVERYTHING was made in China.  Almost.  I finally settled for Playmobil advent calendar toys.  Made in Malta?  I don't know, but I had more hope for that than China.  And the boys had the most fun there playing with a remote control helicopter toy!

Now back to the Courtney challenge.  Five moderately priced gifts.  After dropping Bode off for a Noni and Popi date and before Cade's basketball game, we stopped at a craft fair but there was nothing that teenage girls would find exciting.  I wish hand crafted stuff didn't look so, well, hand crafted.

But I found what I needed at my beloved Market of Choice.  Along with the best price on organic grass-fed beef in town, they also had.... Fair trade wool hand warmers!  You know, like gloves, but with the tops of they fingers missing so they can still use their phones, itouches, etc.

All devices that use conflict metals, a whole 'nother issue.

But anyway!  It was a successful fair trade day, and I'm thankful.  But tired.

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Nadia said...

ha that you are sticking with your goal! Way to go;)