Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Way of Shopping

I have continued to enjoy this new pursuit to shop fair trade.  It's kind of like when I woke up to the reality of how badly I ate.  I started reading labels and switching to whole foods, and it hit me: What was I thinking before? When I would stick anything that tasted good in my mouth without thinking about what it really was and where it came from and what it was doing to my health.

What was I thinking when I cared only about the cost of an item?  Why did I never consider the benefit of buying a costlier item from an ethical company?  That you really do get what you pay for and I want to pay for workers being treated fairly.  

So it's adventure every week, in some way or another.  I still have lots to learn, but I am enjoying the journey.  One of my favorite finds so far was prizes for Abby's birthday party.  I purchased bottle cap necklaces made by eleven-year-old Sami on the east coast.  All of the proceeds go to buy shoes for orphans in Ethiopia, including our Adanu.  Sami's dad pays for all her materials, so 100% of the proceeds go to buy shoes for kids who are being cared for by Children's Hope Chest and learning daily about God's love for them!

She also has cute polka-dot backgrounds with an initial of your choice, 
and other styles, so be sure to check them out here!

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Abby said...

Hey Heather,

I'm a reader in NC who enjoys your blog, homeschool momma of 4 (and praying about adoption!) Can't remember whose blog I found yours through. Anyway, I have enjoyed looking into the Fair Trade shopping...and have used one of the lists you linked to some months ago. It detailed companies who are worst offenders...Gap, Eddie Bauer etc. Do you have a list of clothing companies who treat their employees fairly? I have used Gap and Target extensively for my kids...and Eddie Bauer for me!! So, I'm needing to research other avenues...thanks for any info. you might have. I also set up a blog over the summer...but haven't written on it. Guess I have blog fright. You can see it at Just not sure where to begin with it. But I love the community of believing mommas out there in blog world...there are such good points of life to pick up from one another. Another one I got from you was the newer children's Bible by Anne de Vries. My third grader is reading it daily! Love it!

abby in NC