Saturday, May 14, 2011

Can't Stop Laughing and Other Thankful Thoughts

If anyone is new to this blog, this thankful list begins here, and is a result of reading One Thousand Gifts (A Dare to Live Fully, Right Where You Are) by Ann Voskamp.  A highly recommended read!
  • Cade’s sweet compassion for his younger brother
  • Tender words
  • Bode finally realizing that it’s not that bad to wash his hair, and announcing that he’s going to do it every day
  • Boys in baseball uniforms
  • Kind words from friends
  • Learning to crave vegetables
  • First really warm days of spring
  • Fresh produce on an old-fashioned china platter
  • Double peony-tulips
  • Silly texts with a girlfriend
  • Projects coming together
  • Bone-tired accomplishment (yard work!)
  • Texting with son out-of-town, who tells me he loves me
  • Late afternoon clean-up frenzies for a beautiful, tidy house to start the weekend
  • Watermelon slices
  • Coffee and Bible and Prayer on a quiet Saturday morning (with my newly put together quiet time basket with containers for prayer, verse and blank note cards to use with my beautiful stickers!)
  • Baseball-playing boys knowing exactly where their uniforms are before the game (i.e. not having to run around madly looking for a jersey)
  • Laughing so hard with Dan that I cried.  Can’t stop.  Laughing.  Crying.*
  • Godly, loving women who want to bless their friend.  Throwing a baby shower with the sweetest of people for a mutual friend, who is so dear and such a wonderful mother... celebrating her fourth baby.
  • Roasted beets with goat cheese
  • Sun-kissed cheeks
  • Popsicles on a sunny afternoon
  • Long walks and talks with friends
  • Teaching Sunday School.  Such joy in sharing the greatest gift of all.  I love teaching God’s Word.

*I don’t know if this explanation will be funny to any of you, but I’ll tell you why we were laughing.  We have had a LOT of water issues lately.  Hot water issues, water pressure issues, water pump issues, and irrigation issues.  I have had several mornings with no water = backed up dishes and laundry.  We’ve had a new hot water tank and new pressure pump installed.  Then Thursday morning the water pressure completely went out during Courtney’s shower.  Followed by a fountain of water shooting from the ground.  I called Dan on his way to work to tell him, and based on the fact that we’d had pressure issues with the shower, and that I told him I was looking out the bedroom window, he thought I was talking about the overflow valve, which would have to do with the pressure pump that had just been installed on Monday.  But I was looking out the other bedroom window.

So he called the pump and well specialists.  When the guy cam over to fix it, he kept giving me strange looks and told me several times that he doesn’t normally fix this kind of problem, but that he would.  I’m thinking, as I run around crazy with voice teacher here, my dad arriving, and running out the door, “okay, as long as it gets fixed so I can have water again.”  So late that night, all is fixed and Dan and I are getting ready for bed, and he asks me again where the water was shooting out from this morning.  When I tell him, he cracks up.  And we realize we called the pump and well specialists to fix a broken part on our sprinkler system. Which they kindly did.