Saturday, March 19, 2011



It’s one of those books. 

All of a sudden everyone is talking about it.

Two friends, who rarely text, both texted me the same week to ask me if I’d read it.

Another friend is blogging about it.

It’s featured on the book table at Barnes and Noble.

And one of the texting friends bought it for me to take to Hawaii.

I haven’t even finished reading it, but I love the ideas in it.  I can’t say that I love the book perfectly.  I’m not a huge fan of flowery, wordy writing.  But I love lists.  And I love being thankful.  And I love it when something that is already a part of me is so well expressed by someone else.

So here it is – the key to a joyful life.  Let Jesus rescue you first.  Then practice thankfulness.

Make a list of a thousand things you’re thankful for.  Work on it everyday.  When you’re done, do it again. 

I’m going to attempt a list while in Hawaii… I may not make it to a thousand.  But when I get home I’ll keep going…

  1. Feeling the sun on my face, while still in the Northwest, but flying at 30,000 feet
  2. Five hours of quiet time on the plane - reading, sleeping, journaling
  3. My kids filing past me as they walk back to their seats, and getting the often asked question, “Are those ALL your kids?  How many are there?”  Knowing how thankful I am for the answer of so many blessings.
  4. Remembering what it feels like to be hot
  5. Bode running with abandonment and delight on the beach
  6. Everyone’s joy in body surfing, getting braver moment by moment
  7. Dining al fresco
  8. Beach walker’s faces lighting up with smiles as Bode runs across their path, concentrating on his shovel of sand
  9. Being home from the beach, so I can stop counting to seven over and over :)
  10. Early morning cup of coffee
  11. Quiet time outside, full moon lighting the ocean
  12. Lemons and limes on a black bamboo tray
  13. Pineapple in a wooden bowl
  14. Eggs in a weathered basket
  15. Getting my work out done early
  16. Early morning on the deck, seeing Ryan and Abby through the window, both reading in bed
  17. A luxurious second cup of coffee
  18. Everyone’s delight with individual servings of microwaveable white rice
  19. Katherine’s eyes
  20. The laughter on my children’s faces as they preview the beginning of another family music video
  21. Morning sun lighting up big, white, puffy clouds
  22. A day of nothing planned… except swimming and beach time… settling in for quiet time, round two
  23. Grapefruit piled in a pedestal bowl
  24. Remembering that my big kids need hugs too and feeling them relax into my arms
  25. An almost 180 degree view of the ocean from my bed
  26. Palm trees blowing in the tropical wind
  27. Jack’s deepening voice and growing height; mistaking him for Dan from across the way.
  28. A vacation house on a hill in an unfinished subdivision, surrounded by empty lots = not having to worry about the noise we make
  29. Browsing contentedly at the bookstore for almost an hour before dinner
  30. Seeing my husband help in random situations – moving displays at the bookstore when the water starts to leak from the ceiling
  31. Dinner out with my man
  32. Ordering salad and soup (which is all I really want, but liking helping him justify his Surf and Turf) and sharing bites of his steak
  33. Surprising my little ones with legos in the morning
  34. A stunningly bright red bird in the bush
  35. Cade’s look of concentration as he builds his legos
  36. Doting on my kids; having nothing to do but bring them juice in the hot tub or pick up their towels.
  37. Hearing “I love you more” from Cade, every time I tell him I love him
  38. Surprise hugs from behind; my husband’s arms around me
  39. My sweet friend Jenni, for buying me this book, One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp
  40. Katherine and Courtney’s closeness when there are no other friends around; knowing they will be best friends for life
  41. Abby’s dimples
  42. The bright sapphire blue ocean
  43. Whitecaps
  44. Sailboats
  45. The flower in Abby’s hair
  46. Cute new cork wedge heels
  47. A rainbow
  48. “Look, Daddy!  A blue ladybug,” says my fifteen-year-old daughter.
  49. Cade’s arm around Bode; their sweet friendship
  50. Kids in matching bathing suits.
  51. Courtney’s curls
  52. All my girls piled on my bed with me
  53. My parents examples of thankfulness; living a life of trusting God and His Word
  54. My dear friend Dayna, for living a life of joy with me and teaching me to beautify and simplify
  55. How much bluer Cade’s eyes look when his face is tan
  56. Seeing gigantic tropical versions of plants I know and love from home
  57. Hearing that the sun is shining in Portland!

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Nadia said...

what a beautiful idea Heather...I love reading your list, and I feel like I can see so many of those little moments right along with you;)