Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Web Resources and Books for Moms (GracePoint Church)

Web resources for Moms:


The Bible! ( I also love the Glo app for a free downloaded Bible on your iphone)

Nourishing Traditions (book) - my only caution about this book is that calories do matter!  We don't have to labor as hard as people used to... keep that in mind :)

Weston Price Website

Nom Nom Paleo (great recipes!)

C's Quiet Time and Parenting Tips:

·  Once you get in a routine, she says, it's painful to miss that morning devotional. And not even being tired can keep you from it. Get over the initial hump of establishing a routine. Start with 5 minutes if it’s all you have.
·  Set the coffee maker the night before. Light candles if it’s dark. Have a time of romance with your groom and Savior.
·  She’s found a three-year through the Bible reading plan that is perfect. Try different versions of the bible until you find one that suits you.
·  Keep a prayer journal. Watch how God answers your prayers. Big and small.
·  Be the Master of Joy!!
·  Say "YES" unless you have to say no.
·  Be gracious. Talk about grace. Ask for forgiveness.
·  Be sensitive to how your child is "bent".
·  Use a lot more positive reinforcement than corporal punishment.
·  Connect with each child every day.
·  Play!!! Laugh!!! Play music and dance.
·  Play games. Love them with their love language.
·  PRAY for them!!! Bless them!!! Hold hands with them. Kiss and hug them. Tell them you love them.

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