Thursday, June 25, 2009

God is in the Details

Yesterday was Ryan's birthday, and we had a fun outing to the mall. He thought it was all fun, thankfully, but it was also a bit of last minute stuff for Africa. I had with me my week's massive, detailed list of EVERYTHING I need to buy for Africa and things I need to remember to pack, etc.

Somehow it disappeared after about three stores. We had walked a long way, it was time for Ryan's birthday lunch, and I just couldn't worry about it. And somehow I didn't.

We had lunch, did some more shopping, and on the way out I had one last stop at the Nordstrom lingerie department. A department, mind you, that I hadn't previously been to that day. After checking out I looked very carefully to see that I hadn't dropped my new, just-started, but incomplete list. And down on the employee part of the counter, amongst their papers, was MY ORIGINAL LIST!!!

It probably fell out near the children's shoe department, across the aisle, which had been my first stop. Someone gave it to someone close by. And it just happened to be given to the department where I would be two hours later. And it just happened to be on the same side of the counter where I would be checking out.

I don't believe in coincidences, do you?

God is SO good, and I think this was such a sweet reminder that He is watching over us, and He is in the details, as we embark on our African adventure.


Annie said...

That is so awesome Heather!!!

How comforting just before you embark on your Big Trip!!


Dawnelle said...

I love hearing stories like this! God can handle even the smallest details. Can't wait to hear about Africa!

lisabrandow said...

I call that a GODincidence! :) Have a great trip!