Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Do you ever feel guilty for feeling peaceful?

I had nothing pressing to do today. We unpacked from Sunriver this morning. The laundry was going, the house was picked up, the kids were playing or working on their school. I weeded for a little while and then made a lunch. Ate outside with my Mom before piano lessons started. My dad dropped by unexpectedly and picked up Kat from school (yay for one less trip in the car). I sat outside with Ryan and worked on grammar. Swam with the kids. Switched some laundry. Dan came home and got the boys and their practices were at the same field at more or less the same time (yay again for no driving for me). Made dinner with Kat's help. Now I'm waiting for Dan and the boys to get home from baseball so we can eat. It's been such a nice day. No stress. And it makes me feel like I'm forgetting something. Hmmm.



there is nothing in this world, to switch a mother who has a passionate heart to please her love ones...

your family must know how blessed they are to have a mom like you... :-)

Nadia said...

Oh, how my heart longs for a day like that! We are getting there, Jacob is still a little high maintenance, but ohh...that sounds so nice:) I'm thinking summer with no work, just family time.