Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This is for my friend Ann, who generously helped me with her time and expertise to shop for pots! Ann, here they are! What do you think?

I'll take more pictures when the plants fill in. The middle is a darling little lavender that I thought was a blue salvia when I first saw it. I can't wait for it to really bloom - maybe after this next heat spell.

The big plant in the middle is a bright red camelia that blooms in December. Around it is white verbena, purple petunia and chartreuse sweet potato vine. The sweet potato vine looks horrible though. Brown edges on a lot of the leaves. Anyone have any ideas about that?

Check out the difference in these double blooming purple petunias. Same plants, planted the same day, both fertilized the same number of times.

These were planted in fresh garden blend from Grimms.

These were planted in I'm-not-sure-what.

Another wimpy petunia, but this gives you the best picture of the bloom.

I think I have some soil to amend!


Dawnelle said...

your pool area looks so inviting! Love the pots, and the must love having that done for this summer!

Angie Gross said...

You have an innate ability for gardening. I've come to the conclusion that I will never share in your enthusiasm for gardening---but that's ok! It is beautiful!