Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Pics of Spring

I love this boy.

This one too. Though he is a little sneak. Sunday we found him under Dan's desk eating a quart of chocolate ice cream with his hands. Of course it was everywhere, on the carpet and all over his face and hands, but he looks at Dan with his hands up like "I'm innocent" when he was found out. This is the downside to freezer drawers. A little too easy to access.

This is me. Every day. My little bit of heaven. I even love weeding. I've turned into my mother and then some.

My "little" man, helping me with rotatilling.


Christy@pipandsqueak said...

Wow, how big is your garden? You need a tractor! We just got a 8'X14' plot at the Lake Highlands Community Garden but have not actually planted anything yet. That comes tomorrow.

Nadia said...

How fun! I am loving all these picture updates, and am jealous of your garden and all your helpers...we are planting today, what an experience that will be with the boys! But I want them to learn, they're never too young, right? Keep the pictures coming!