Friday, March 25, 2011

Almost Aloha

I am looking forward to our last full day in Hawaii, but also looking forward to home!

Yesterday I finally got to swim in the ocean.  One of my favorite things in life.  I was trying to figure out why I hadn't done it before, and then I remembered!  I'd been so busy watching the kids I couldn't get in myself.  Now they are all ocean-ed out!

Here's a few shots from the past few days:

That last one is Cade playing his DS under a towel.  Ha!  Really appreciating the moment and all the beauty around him.

We did a family photo session with a photographer last night on a beautiful beach a few miles from here.  I can't wait to see the pictures, but for now, here's a glimpse of the scene.

And of course, I couldn't end this post without some thankful thoughts.

100.     Perfect bird shadows (such cute little feet!) above my head as they walk across the cabana roof
101.     Torch-lit flagstone paths along the beach
102.     Wolfgang Puck’s amazing food
103.     Sunset dinners overlooking the ocean
104.     That Dan and I both love to talk and make new friends when we’re out to dinner
105.     Glorious mornings
106.     Birdsong
107.     First thoughts of day are thanks to God
108.     Birds in pairs
109.  Tan feet in flip-flops
110.  Polka dots of light on the page of my book; sun through the brim of my sun hat
111.  Amazing convenience and efficiency of email, camera, texting, games for kids to play, the Bible, Internet, note-taking all in one place.  Oh, and it's a phone too!
112.  Bougainvillea everywhere
113.  Swimming in the best wave pool ever (the Pacific Ocean)
114.  Watching liquid gems of sapphire, aquamarine, emerald and peridot cascade toward me again and again
115.  Gardenias
116.  Sashimi
117.  God-appointed conversations
118.  Psalm 25
119.  Running, dancing, posing, and kissing on the beach at sunset for family pictures.
120.  So tired of eating out that everyone is overjoyed at cereal, fruit, bread and lunchmeat in our hotel room.
121.  Praying together.
122.  A red cardinal on the railing not six feet from me.
123.  Wet sand between my toes.

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Nadia said...

I am living right now through you Heather, what a dream trip! Enjoy your last moments! :) Can't wait to see all the pictures from the photographer! How fun!