Friday, March 25, 2011


Today at lunch I saw a woman with the most joyful eyes. She was probably close to 70, white-haired and more than pleasantly plump. My instant thought upon seeing her was that I don't mind the thought of growing older if I can look like her. She was with family, and while they went in to order food she sat outside at a table.

I had to tell her. She was just so beautiful. She was surprised, a little embarrassed,
pleased and more than a little doubtful about my eyesight, I think. But I went on to tell her it was the joy in her eyes, such a brightness about her. Then she looked at me, a little deeper, and with a more knowing voice and said, "Well, I do love the Lord." I smiled big and nodded, "Of course you do. That's it."

I saw Him in her eyes.

She grabbed my arm and gave a little hug, her family came out and the moment was gone.

That's who I want to be. So full of his grace that I shine His love without saying a word.

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